Some odd 8-sided "Russian" blue cane beads
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Posted by: beadiste Post Reply
05/16/2018, 17:07:07

These seem like old-timers, but I don't really know.

8 sides seems fairly uncommon.

The layers seem to vary from 3 to 5, instead of the more common light blue opal or cornflower blue core with a dark sapphire overlay.

Also, the layers are wobbly, thick/thin in some places.

The white layer seems to be deteriorated glass, not white glass.

The concave sides are distinctive.

I don't know what caused the matte finish - wear and ground burial? Grinding? Cat litter? Acid cleaning?


8SidedRussians.jpg (248.3 KB)  8SidedRussians2.jpg (240.3 KB)  

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