Wrong Danny
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04/17/2018, 06:57:25

Ok....Sorry for any hurt feelings.
No hard feelings, I hope, Stefany. I thought I was under attack for some unknown reason. I was very sad.
As usual.....Joyce helped straighten things out. Thanks Joyce.
The photos were bad because.....this is Seattle and it's always grey here.
some of these beads are rough but in a bowl it's hard to see all of the beads.
I rely on the FORUM to help me not to miss identify Beads that I plan on selling some day.
These beads in question have so many campfire stories that I really needed to clear this up.
Again....Sorry Stefany if I seemed grumpy towards your response. I'm
cool with the whole seen now and sure hope you are too. This is my only forum and would just die if I thought folks here didn't like me.
And Joyce.....you're the best moderator in the world. Thanks for
putting light on this post.

SEE YA AT THE FORUM...Odan...aka..Dannoh...aka...Cpt. Longline

I'm not sure if I was given the handle of Capt. Longline because I used to operate a longline boat up in Alaskan waters fishing for cod and halibut or.....because of the
amount of BS I could generate on the docks...

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