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04/17/2018, 08:40:39

Well...where to begin. A friend from India gave me a trio of pigeons.
One just flew off and never returned. Prob caught by a hawk.
The other female mated for life with a feral pigeon and the bird in the photos is one that I raised by hand. I raised her and released her and now she hangs around the house.
I have chickens too and have an arrangement with the crows to keep the hawks out of the yard.
I feed the crows cat kibble each day so they hang around the yard and keep hawks away.
Ziggy-beak-biggy is her name. She wares beads on each foot. This helps me spot her in a crowd.
The photo looks a lot like me. L.O.L
The photo also represents my knowledge of beads compared to many of the FORUM members. It helps to keep me humble.
Thanks for asking and I'll let Ziggy know her fame is speeding.


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