advice? my latest bead stringing project
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02/24/2018, 09:20:48

New project. I have not been wearing these so I'm going to restring my ancient djenne eye beads to remove the folded beads and the other Islamic era beads from the composition - just so I can focus on just the (approx 1100 ad?) eye beads. My question for BCN folks is whether I can get away with using my indo-pacific small blue beads as "in between" beads - they may not be from the same exact era/origin but I think far preferable to using a more modern filler bead. The outer circle on the bead board are the beads that I've chosen to stay for the redesigned piece. The inner row are the beads I'm eliminating - not planning to use. I've posted my extras on the classifieds board under the ancient category.

CSIMG_2_1.JPG (241.5 KB)  CSIMG_3_1.JPG (237.2 KB)  

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