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02/13/2018, 08:32:46

I agree that these beads resemble similar beads made in the Czech Republic, and made using Venetian murrine (cane pieces). See also past discussions here, concerning the use of Venetian murrine by Indian beadmakers, versus the Indian use of Indian-made murrine.

There is no such word as "millefiore."

In international commerce, it is common for an imported product to be repackaged, and then ID'd as being "from that country." Witness Bohemian faceted beads, said to be "Russian" (ca. 185 years ago); or "straw beads" (long drawn curtain beads from the early 20th C. + or -), variously ID'd as "Chinese," "Japanese," or "Czech." In recent years: "Made in Pakistan"—but made by Afghan refugees, and of Afghan traditions. All this misidentification is still different from actual misrepresentation—that is rampant.


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