Millefiore "Hecho en Espana"
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Posted by: Perry Post Reply
02/12/2018, 13:20:43

These Millefiore were acquired at CJS in NYC and were labelled "Made in Spain". Never heard of such a thing? Has anyone? 1) Spain borders Italy 2) Was told by Czech man if packaged in Spain the EU could consider it made in Spain

Otherwise they do not look like Indian glass? Carl at CJS though they did. I did not. I know some mille chips come from Italy but I have heard India has their own chips. I prefer mock Chevron like chips but other than that , how can one tell where a chip has been made. These do look like more modern chips, that I do not doubt. Anyone care to "chip" in?

IMG_1731.JPG (205.5 KB)  BC.jpg (49.5 KB)  

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