A Conundrum - the sad life of a bead hoarder, cont'd.
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02/09/2018, 11:28:27

I purchased this necklace advertised as "Peking glass," because of the filigree clasp stamped "SILVER MADE IN CHINA," which seems to be of a type used on the nicer Chinese necklaces from the 1960s? 70s?

Turns out it is peach aventurine quartz (apart from the appearance, the initial giveaway is the icy cold touch), and the beads are very well milled with good holes and nice graduation. The fine aventurine glitter is viewable in daylight with a loupe or optivisor. Guessing it was originally sold under the misnomer "red jade."

But now what do I do with it? Not sure I want to take it apart, as the knotting, while a bit faded and stretched, is intact.
However, the overall design is less than zippy - subtle, shall we say.
Sophisticated, or boring? That is the question.

What would you do?

SAM_8552_-_Copy.JPG (247.1 KB)  

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