Pinterest and bead cards
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07/13/2017, 05:54:48

I am on Pinterest but don't really know how to use it. So far I just share images that are already on Pinterest. I need to learn how to share images from other sources if it's possible.

Here is an album I put together of photos of sample bead cards.

It began when I could not find photos of Ambassador beads on the Sick Co. bead cards. I still have not found much information on Ambassador beads. They remain a mystery. I know the large fat black ovals with matte finish. I don't know when they were made or any of the Venetian made variations. I do know there are reproductions, but have yet to see them all together.

The blue beads are said by the seller to be reproductions. Were there Venetian blue versions?

AmbassadorBlueRepro.jpg (171.4 KB)  

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