when bcn got hacked 2 yrs ago...
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Posted by: Joyce Post Reply
06/12/2017, 11:25:54

Big time, when we were down for 2 weeks and almost "died"...David had to regenerate the site onto a whole different isp - not every single thing survived exactly the same way, so some of the old url's will not be the same as they were pre-hack. Also, some images did not survive the transfer. Particularly those that do not have unique names. We talked about that at the time. For example, guess how many image files on the site may be titled mille1.....it's always good to throw in your initials in the file name of an image - date (without slash) is helpful also to your own record keeping....example...say today I might post a black coral bead image.....jhbkcor617.jpg That's just an example of a way to define my black coral bead image from other ones on the site...it has my initials, an abbreviation of the subject matter that I can decifer, and the month and year.....Sorry to get off on a tangent!

Anyway, a new search using google Tibetan Festival beads, site beadcollector.net, yields a nice pile of posts and images....


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