Close inspection of Indonesian (Javanese?) beads
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Posted by: Rosanna Post Reply
06/10/2017, 13:47:42

I found these two strands of Indonesian (Java was also mentioned in the ad) online and decided to buy them in order to be able to examine the ones that look like very good copies of old Venetian trade beads.

The two strands look very attractive and I'm sure your eye will be drawn to a number that look a lot like older beads.

The following series of posts has comparisons I made with Venetian beads in my collection, along with some very handsome beads that "sort of" look Venetian.

Not sure if we should refer to these beads as Indonesian or Javanese, or even something else. Would appreciate your input!

RFIndonesianJun2017a.jpg (58.4 KB)  RFIndonesianJun2017b.jpg (56.0 KB)  

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