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Introducing Wild Beads of Africa

By Billy Steinberg

Text by Jamey Allen

This book provides a most thorough look at antique African powderglass beads, their history and aesthetic. The images are rich and perfect, and the text is fluid and inviting! This is a bead art and research book that every serious bead lover should have. With regard to antique powder glass, this book will vastly increase your perspective and appreciation. It includes a highly useful glossary of names, terms and bead making techniques. Congratulations to Billy Steinberg, Jamey Allen, and photographer Fredrik Nilsen.

From the forward by John and Ruth Picard:

“In these pages you will see Billy Steinberg’s thirty-years worth of meticulous collecting. His passion for old powder glass, Bobom, and akoso beads is unsurpassed. He shares with us his continual quest for the best and most unusual specimens so that we can see the quintessence of this type of bead. It is a great addition to our knowledge of beads on a subject that few people know about, and deserves to be initiated.”

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