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The Peul people, till 1985's, have worn a lot of beads: trade beads and especially a lot of amber in the hairs or necklaces. It was absolutely gorgeous when we met them in a village or in bush near their camp. The beads showed the wealth of the family and the row of the one who worn them.
The Fulanis (Peul people) are pastoralists. A severe drought happened in the eighties, and the families were obliged to sell the amber's beads and the magnificent gold earrings. Now, they always wear brillant clothes but they do not wear anymore the beautiful beads of amber nor the gold earrings. The second picture shows that she wears a safety pin instead of having a bead of amber! What a pity!! The Peul Women are very often very beautiful and noble, proud women, like my last pictures, and they were so proud with their beads!!
I want to show you the irreversible changes of custom.
I have a wonderful picture of a "Peul" (Fulani) woman who we did meet in Djenne, (130km of Mopti, in Mali). When I find it, I will post it, but I have to search a lot!!
Excuse-me, my english....euh....not always correct!!


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