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06/13/2017, 13:33:13

Thank you Luann,
Yes, people are resilient, we have to hope it. 3 years ago, I went to the Sud East of Burkina Faso on the road to Togo and Benin. We above all like stopping in markets. I saw a Fulani woman and ask to shoot her. She worn brilliant loincloths and was so pretty, so happy that I shot her!! When I came back, I looked at the picture and discover an other thing. I had never seen it previously. No! ten years ago, we never saw that! African people have so many obstacles! Yesterday I spoke with a man of Mopti (Mali), and he told me people of North Mali are resilient too. I hope so. I add a picture of my necklace that I wear very often. I bought amber and think each time I wear it, that a Fulani woman was proud to wear it, somewhere in Burkina or in Mali!
On a second message, I send you other pictures of women so beautiful, so lofty.

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