Design conundrum - suggestions?
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Posted by: beadiste Post Reply
04/16/2017, 11:45:43

Recently I purchased these Deco-era Chinese cloisonne beads. The original set had been nicely re-strung, but I thought the design lacked exoticism - also didn't like the cheap barrel clasp - so I took it apart.

Dug out some decent cinnabar beads, and substituted bone for the beige "river stone" (because it looked like dirty ivory).

Alas, the design is now nearly 36 inches, which I think makes it unwearable unless you're flat-chested or don't work at a desk or counter where a long necklace will beat itself to death.

But I'm not sure what to eliminate to make it shorter. Ideas?

CloisonneDecoBeads.jpg (60.4 KB)  SAM_7980_(432x432).jpg (198.3 KB)  

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