An Oni and Clare Boothe Luce, a former customer in her ojime necklace.
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I feel this is one of the most inspiring beads ever made. And it is only 3/4 inch or 19mm in height. Cast, with elaborate fabrication, multi metal late 19th century Meiji Era Japan.

Depicting Oni protecting himself from being pelted by soy beans during the first day of spring celebrations. -"Setsubun, a holiday marking the beginning of Spring in Japanís old lunar calendar, is a day filled with rituals to rid your house of past demons and encourage good luck in the year ahead."

I met Clare Boothe Luce in Hawaii during a Netsuke Convention in the early 80's when she was living on the shores of Diamond Head. She told me her ojime necklace was her favorite. Most of her ojime were gold floral. But the center bead was an extremely large Shibayama style -mother of pearl inlaid, gold lacquered ivory bead. Her portrait is from a Christmas greeting she sent.

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