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03/13/2017, 15:40:21

I remember early in my bead collecting days (so I was like 10), I read about three beads that just fascinated me. Two were in History of Beads" and the another was in the Robert O. Kinsey's "Magical Jewels of Japan" book.

One was a horned eye Warring States bead and another was a glass eye bead by Kyoyo Asao, the master Japanese glass bead maker. The third is another Ojime from Magical Jewels, of a little golden Oni (I think) rising out of a steel/dark silver kettle. Just exquisite -- although I couldn't find any pictures of it on the web!

Of course, these "first loves" still influence my collecting to this day! Thanks to Jan, I now own a few Chinese Warring States Beads (alas, no horned eyes), and while I've never come across an Asao, I still think of Ojime beads as some of the most perfect little gems ever. So yes, deeply inspiring!


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