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06/21/2015, 12:14:44

Please read my post, " (Kilroy/fun fact)" on this thread, about the organic based synthetic material my Uncle created for his "Kilroy" pocket lapel pins, circa 1940's. If you have any interest in analyzing this interesting synthetic let me know..And if you can't find a lapel pin for sale online I'll loan you one from my collection. To the best of my knowledge this material has never been successfully analyzed, and although I'm unaware of documentation regarding my Uncle's formula, his memorabilia was requested by, and donated to , a Wisconsin Museum after his death. I do know that this particular synthetic/plastic not only looks like Bakelite, it's even more versatile and adaptable than Bakelite. I'm actually writing in response to your post about an interest in the synthetics used to imitate amber because my quess is that many of the so called amber beads were (and are) made of the same kind of adaptive material my uncle invented to meet his specific needs. Because this subject fascinates me, I did make a bid on one of these beads ... But lost to a bidder who managed to win almost the entire collection! (You might try writing to the seller to see if the buyer is open to communication and would be willing to send you a sample from one of the beads.)

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