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Posted by: Air studios Mail author
06/22/2015, 18:05:16

Yes it seems like more trouble than it's worth to test the Kilroys...(I thought you indicated you had that ability at hand and in that case it seemed like a plan..) I guess the crazy amber replicas made me think of my eccentric uncle (Bob Neller.) He was a highly regarded ventriloquist and entertainer.. But he was always inventing some darrn thing. Knowing Bob he probably mixed the synthetic based on several needs that were unique to the production of these little pins. Don't think he danced with an existing substance because he was not a chemist.. And would never have analyzed the existing synthetic materials.. More likely he went to the basement and began his own nutty professor process. When I looked up the methods used to imitate the "amber" trade beads I was amazed that the darn beads looked as good as they did.. (and they don't look all that good.) The large wheel beads I have left in my stash from the '70's are actually beautifully made . I always assumed they were copal but now I'm thinking Bakelite . Whatever, they are attractive, and I didn't pay much 40 years ago because my bead pruchases were about historical value and aesthetics, not rarity or investment. I was going to purchase some amber trade beads but now the whole subject has left a sour taste in my mouth. So many fakes.. So much chicanery. Not my idea of fun!

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