Goodies from Tucson 2015
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Posted by: Joyce Mail author
02/06/2015, 22:21:33

I didn't do many photos of Tucson this year, having done many in past years. Just felt more like trying to relax and socialize this time, and it was fun. But I missed Uncle Russ any number of times, the trader tables and BCN dinner were where you could always find him...

Special thanks to Rosanna, Bassem, Thomas and Matt this year!

Seeing everyone was just wonderful...although Tucson is a commercial event in every way, it is also an annual social event where collectors can get together from all over the world.

This year, BCN member Stefany Tomalin (President, Society of Bead Researchers, Coordinator for the Bead Society of Great Britain) made her first trip to the Tucson shows and BCN dinner! And, Shinji, from Japan, a member for a long time now, attended the BCN dinner for the first time. Also new to the mix were David and Marilyn Ebbinghouse, and Sandra from Yone, Inc, and returning for the first time in 7 years, Joy and Linda from Utah. We were 38 this year at dinner, and the Marisco's crew handled us with style and grace.

First, Stefany showing me some of the beautiful beads that belonged to her grandmother. (thx, Rosanna)

Next, a lovely little Czech rhinestone free-standing Christmas tree (about 4" tall) and vintage Japanese glass beads from Stefany.

2beadgirls.jpg (154.4 KB)  02-06-15-tuc-st.jpg (143.6 KB)  

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