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08/06/2014, 18:05:44

Early in the year I was buying what looked like very nice natural beads from a seller in Guangzhou China.I bought one at first to make sure I would get something in the mail, after this bead arrived I ended up buying about twenty more beads from this seller.

My main reason for buying the beads was for re-cutting, all of the hard work was already the hole drilled and the bead rough shaped. When I picked a few out for re-cutting I found out as soon as I started to re-grind that something had been done to the stone to change its appearance. Some of the beads had a wonderful Suleiman look that I just wanted to bring out a bit, nearly all of the dark outer coating came off in the early grinding. I did not pay very much for the beads so I have no complaints, I am just pointing out that the Chinese are very good at making something look like what it is not.

I think if the beads in this ebay post were ground down just a bit you might just find that they had been treated in some way to make them look the way they do.

Because I purchased these beads months ago I could only get a very small image of one purchased off of Ebay. I have attached it and tomorrow I will see if I cant find a few before and after images of these beads. I think you will be enlightened.

All my best ......... Danny

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