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Posted by: lopacki Mail author
08/07/2014, 13:07:31

When I cut the first of these beads I did take before and after close ups of each bead as it was cut. Unfortunately I decided that I really did not need these images and deleted them from my camera.

I did have some images on my phone so you can get an idea of the results from as purchased to my finished beads. I did post six of these beads some months ago on the forum but am too lazy to go find the link but I did find the finished bead image I posted.

The first image below is of the beads as purchased and the second is of six that were re-cut. You can tell in the re-cut beads that with out a doubt the surface of the original beads had in fact been treated in some way.

I have to agree with Joyce that it would be nice if you got involved once again in this wonderful forum, those here that are serious need input from all the other serious people so we can all expand our knowledge.

All my best .......... Danny

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