Bead Photo Cards by Jack Dewitt
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Posted by: Joyce Post Reply
03/25/2014, 20:06:21

Some of you may remember Jack from the Oakland, CA bead shows or from Best Bead in Tucson. His wonderful bead photos are also available as enlargements. His Montana location has also taken him to the trail of vintage trains, super images also...we miss Jack in California, I enjoy sending AND receiving his famous bead cards to this day!

Beautiful bead photo cards from Jack DeWitt are $4 ea. or 3 for $10. 10 or more are $3 ea.

50 cards (assortment of your choice) would be $150, plus shipping.


See all of the images on...!i=1917312489&k=PrzmrLJ

Many of the following photographs are beads and bead sample cards from the collection of John and Ruth Picard and can be seen at their bead museum in Carmel Valley California.

aventmiljack.jpg (163.9 KB)  redgrnmiljack.jpg (133.2 KB)  samplejack.jpg (155.3 KB)  floraljack.jpg (150.4 KB)  

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