Venetian Trade Beads - More Small Groups
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Posted by: Rosanna Post Reply
04/10/2019, 19:36:18

Here are "preview" photos of a bunch of spares from my collection. Please request close-ups of anything you are interested in so you can check the fine details. Take 10% off the listed prices. Shipping will be about $4 per small package, with free shipping if your total is over $60. Condition varies and noted as follows.
If you are interested in splitting up any of the sets, I would be happy to consider your offer.

686. Fine condition.
687. Surface gloss is gone, decoration loss, but no chips.
688. The oval bead has a rough end, the aventurine bead has an end chip, and the blue bead has a crack.
689. Some rough spots on the surface of one bead, otherwise fine, no chips.

RFGroup5.jpg (49.8 KB)  

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