100 Pieces of Vintage/Antique Jadite
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06/19/2018, 18:13:36

$350.USD-One hundred perforated untreated Jadeite discs, circa 1880s to 1950. These were acquired from a Hong Kong jade dealer going out of business due to the ever increasing rents here. Average diameters are between 2cm and 2.5cm and thickness between 2mm and 4mm. These were imported into Hong Kong during the 1980s when local dealers could buy direct from Chinese government owned Arts and Curios Department (usually by the kilo). This meant they were approved for export by the Cultural Relic Department. Anyhow these are still in good condition, nice and shiny (but not “brand new” shiny) - no two are the same. There may be the odd inclusion or flea bite chip but the majority are good. You could not have these made today at this price! Ideal for a bricks and mortar shop or jewelry/bead designer. Please visit link for enlargements.

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