East Midlands English lace bobbins with spangles - 19th century
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03/25/2018, 14:07:10

This is a group of 9 East Midlands English lace bobbins with spangles. The bobbins are all original and include examples of "English squiggle", "square cuts", and Bohemian ‘sprengperlen' beads.

Six of the bobbins are made of bone and three are made of wood. All of the bone examples are colored in some way with red, blue, and green dye. In the bone examples, two are marked. one has the name "JESSE" and the other has the following quote: "WHEN CHURCH BELLS RING AND CHOIR BOYS SING BE MINE".

Of the three wood examples, one is marked "CHARLES" and the remaining two have pewter inlays.

I would like to get $225 for the group shipping included. Willing to entertain offers

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