The rolling paper trade beads DIY educational magazine 9.99
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11/27/2017, 02:10:12

A gift suitable for everyone, from children who can spend a few hours creating beautiful necklaces for their moms to beads lovers. 9.99
Roll your own paper ancient Trade Beads Patterns reproduction. 39 different ancient beads reproduction, more than 150 beads in higth quality printed paper, up to 6 necklaces. It wants to be an educational book, a new way to approach the millennial charm of these beautiful ornaments.
Each bead is first photographed from 20 to 24 times by rotating it to complete the 360 ​​ rotation and from these photographs we extrapolate and mount the patterns that appear as unrolled beads.We wanted to explore these beads under new perspective! As a result we have created a photographic study and portable studio with mapping techniques concerning the patterns obtained from the plane development of the cylindrical beads surfaces.

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