The Rolling Paper Trade Beads
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06/18/2017, 23:20:24

The"Rolling paper trade beads" book is a neat project that may interest educators in art history, art in general.Perhaps for use in schools.
This second book is a further development of "The rolling beads" it wants to be an educational book, a new way to approach the millennial charm of these beautiful ornaments.
21 different beads reproduction (scale 1:1 )
63 beads in higth quality printed paper stripes
We thank you in advance and remain at your disposal for any clarification.
Let us know if you are interested and if you can promote our project...on Kickstarter or buy it right now on Blurb


Cattura1.JPG (55.2 KB)  Cattura2.JPG (111.3 KB)  

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