Mauritanian Phenolic Bead Necklace - Diamond Shapes
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Posted by: Rosanna Post Reply
05/21/2017, 10:04:40

Decided to try selling more of my finished necklaces of trade beads. Here are 11 carefully selected diamond-shaped cross-drilled PF (phenolic resin aka Bakelite) shaped beads from the Mauritanian (Mali or other NW African country are possibilities also) trade. Six smaller PF beads, also shaped and carved in Africa, are added along with dark green serpentine rounds to complete the design. The largest bead is about 35 x 35 mm and the total length of the necklace is a touch over 24". I've added metal sleeves inside many of the beads to center the stringing and also add a layer of protection to the hole.
These are nicely age-darkened and many have the long, sparse cracks that are characteristic of old PF beads. Wish I could say "how old" but probably at least 60-70 years old, and possibly from as early as the 1920s. If I find out any more about this type of African-traded bead I will be posting the info on BCN.

$450 includes shipping to US destinations.

I take checks, Paypal, and credit cards. 14-day no questions asked return policy (buyer pays return postage).

Thanks for looking!

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