4 Natural Pattern Ancient Agate Eye Beads for sale
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03/05/2017, 08:03:41

(circa 3rd to 2nd millennium BC)

We have four ancient Banded Agate Eye-Type beads that we have decided to offer for sale. Authenticity is guaranteed.
We can provide a more detailed description and additional pictures on request. Email mosquitobay@mac.com for information.
Terms of payment will be negotiated at the time of sale. Priority mail shipping in the U.S is provided at no charge. International shipping at actual cost.

(Remember all Forum Members can take a 30% discount off of the list price):

5881. $1600 - 16 mm wide x 21 mm in length x 8.5 mm in thickness
5875. $250 - 11 mm in diameter x 5 mm in thickness
5878. $300 - 12.5 mm in diameter x 6 mm in thickness
5879. $400 - 12.5 mm in diameter x 4 mm in thickness

4-eue_beads.jpg (54.9 KB)  

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