20 catalogs of ANCIENT beads for sale!
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10/23/2016, 15:23:37

Hello everyone, Mosquitobay now has 20 different catalogs of ancient beads available for sale at special discounts to Forum members. The files are available in word-file or PDF, please specify when requesting catalogs.

Note they are large files and I can only send one or two at a time. Also they cannot be easily viewed on a mobile device.

Here is the list if you would like to see any please write me.

Jan Skipper, Moquitobay


01.00 Ancient Stone, Shell, Organic Material:
01.01 Stone, Shell, Organic Miscellaneous
01.02 Figural, Talismanic
01.03 Eye Beads
01.04 Etched Beads
01.05 Southeast Asian Material
01.06 Seals

02.00 Ancient & Antique Metals:
02.01 Miscellaneous
02.02 Viking Material
02.03 Gold Material
02.04.01 Antique Gold Beads - India
02.04.02 Antique Gold Jewelry - India

03.00 Ancient Glass:
03.01 Glass Miscellaneous
03.02 Figural, Talismanic Glass
03.03 Patterned Glass
03.04 Mosaic Glass
03.05 Eye-Type Glass

04.00 Pre-Contact Western Hemisphere:
04.01 Arctic & Sub-Arctic Circle Cultures
04.02 North American Cultures
04.03 Mexico & Central American Cultures
04.04.01 South American Cultures - Miscellaneous
04.04.02 South American Cultures - Gold Material

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