Vintage Etsy shop now has categories for beads, ancient beads
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02/14/2016, 15:21:08

Hello fellow lovers of beads,
A second growing Etsy store of mine now has categories dealing with beads, ancient beads and
"ethnic adornment". It should be an evolving container dealing with my own dwindling collection and those of friends who have discerning taste. There's some wacky stuff in there too.
I aim to please all price categories and invite comment if anyone feels I'm misrepresenting anything.
There will be a third site for textiles in coming weeks.
The commerce of things that are not paintings or necklaces I've made is new to me.
Fun though, and edifying.
Attached photos include a lovely diamond eye pumtek bead, a German marble bead, a broken pelangi, and a strand of very old beads from Afghanistan/Iran.
Thank you for looking!

IMG_6516_copy.JPG (174.6 KB)  IMG_5701_copy.JPG (156.3 KB)  IMG_5417_copy.JPG (163.1 KB)  IMG_6025_copy.JPG (171.9 KB)  

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