Composite Canes

This is the part of the Cane Chart that shows the Composite Group.

I have shown four basic types of composite cane patterns, typified by the Guide Canes numbered 15 (concentric rings like layered canes), 19 (rings elaborated by rays, resembling either star or flower canes), 24 (with dots or spots, resembling spotted hybrid canes), and 30 (rings of rods that have alternating colors, resembling stripes on other canes, or having what are basically internal "stripes"). Some of the resulting patterns of this group resemble "flowers" or whatever is subjectively perceived. Some of these composite patterns have antecedents in ancient cane patterns, made in Egypt and the Middle East.

In subsequent posts, I will show three groups of beads that feature composite canes. Again, I have selected beads with ususual patterns, some of which do not easily fit into the above four groups (since compositing is the most variable or unpredictable cane type).

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