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This message was sent around today from Kelly Norton, the Director of The Bead Museum:

Save The Bead Museum

March 30, 2009

Dear Members and Friends

We are sending you this letter because you are a valued member or friends of our museum and we are in need of the support which our membership and closest friends can give during these tough economic times. As many of you have been hearing, the current economic downturn has dramatically impacted many of the arts organizations in Arizona and around the country. Unfortunately, The Bead Museum has not been spared.

The Board of Directors has taken numerous steps to balance the budget: eliminating staff, closing two days a week and cutting operating expenses by 37%. The Bead Museum store has been doing exceptionally well which is in thanks to many of you who regularly shop with us. Unfortunately, the Museum cannot be sustained long-term on museum visitors, memberships and programs alone. We are in the process of a $200,000 sustainability campaign but need to raise $100,000 of that goal by April 30th. This funding is needed to allow us time so that we can continue our fund development plan to insure the long term financial health of the Museum.

Beads and beaded artifacts are a universal part of the human experience since the beginning of civilization. They are found in every culture and in every country across the globe. The Bead Museum has provided true community service through its many school programs, monthly lectures, guided tours, beading classes and world-renowned research library. Its exciting exhibitions and educational research have attracted visitors from all over the world. In 2008, through all of our programming over 60,000 visitors came in contact with the Museum. We are now the only museum in the world housing this type of collection since the recent closing of a similar museum in Washington, D.C.

Without immediate financial support from the community and members like you, The Bead Museum is in jeopardy of closing its doors at the end of May. Please donít let this treasure be lost. Your donation, of any amount, will give the Museum time to establish long term partnerships and pursue additional grants. Thank you in advance for preserving one of Arizonaís arts and cultural treasures.

To make an online donation, please visit


Susan Flint Kelly Norton
Chairman Executive Director
The Bead Museum Board of Directors

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