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03/30/2009, 13:36:44

Dear Dannoh,

These issues are addressed by the Mission Statement and incorporated bylaws of The Museum. Please see my message to the Bead Community below:

Hi you all,

I understand that there is some confusion (mostly due to conflicting stories or ideas being passed around), and some concern about the prospects for The Bead Museum, and possible future steps that may be taken.

First, allow me to say that I have worked with the Founder and with The Museum for over fifteen years—primarily as a guest Curator and Consultant. However, I am here now in the capacity of being an interested party, and not as anything like an official representative of The Museum. Nevertheless, I am confident that what I have to say about the issues we are concerned with is true and candid. What you get from me is essentially my perspective and opinion (just as with any post or series I leave here). I am in daily communication with the people who are participating in the cause to save The Bead Museum from an unexpected reversal of its secure future.

The Collections

The beads and artifacts that belong to The Bead Museum can only be dealt with according to the Mission Statement formed with the Museum's founding. It states that if the Museum were to close, the holdings would be turned-over to another institution that is known to have a similar mission, for collecting, curating, preserving, studying, and exhibiting items of personal adornment, and providing/facilitating their study and conservation. There is no danger that the Collections will be sold-off, nor appropriated by staff nor anyone else.

The Present Problem

Like any institution, in these difficult financial times, The Bead Museum has hit a snag in its usual funding. The previous Director left a few months ago, and the current interim Director has just recently arrived, and is finding her way around. Certain actions, such as routine grant-raising that should have been performed last year were not followed through. Because of the economic crisis we are (all) in, certain monies are (temporarily) not available. However, once this country returns to a stable economy, I trust this unexpected problem will also turn around. Also, the new Director is noted for fund-raising abilities—but she must have some time to get the wheels rolling. (It doesn't happen overnight—anymore than our grassroots campaign to help the Museum is immediate, for that matter.)

The Solution

The Bead Museum needs a fast infusion of funds to keep going for at least a year, until things settle and return to normal (or better than normal). The campaign to assist in this effort is geared to help in two ways. Everyone knows that most people, right now, are feeling the crunch of our collective economic situation. However, if many people were able to make a small donation to the Museum (say $200.), this would quickly add up to the running expenses the Museum needs to operate for the rest of the year. Then, if there were a person/party/entity that could afford to support The Museum through offering a greater endowment (or several such entities), the Museum would be even better secured.

The present outreach asks for both small and large donations, as outlined above. No one expects little people to bear big burdens to keep the Museum active. But it's hoped that the assistance of many will add up to a meaningful sum. And it's also hoped that something like corporate funding can be found to insure the security of The Bead Museum into the future.

Not To Worry

At this time, I believe The Museum is not going to flounder and disappear. It is going to get over a rocky pass, with the help of many concerned individuals—who will rally to help. However, a pro-active and realistic stance that must also be addressed is what to do in case of the worst-case scenario. There must be a strategy in place, if the worst were to happen. And there are people addressing this issue, and conferring to decide what would happen to everything were the Museum to close. EVERY OPTION is being investigated! This includes temporary storage issues, finding another institution, moving the Museum, and EVERYTHING ELSE you can imagine. Please let these people do their work, and don't muddy the waters through unfounded rumor, or careless speculation.

And PLEASE do what you can to help us get through this crisis.



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