Donating to The Bead Museum has been simplified
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Posted by: Joyce Mail author
03/26/2009, 16:21:44

An important update from Alice Scherer:

Hello all,

After I whined to The Bead Museum folk about how tedious it was to make an online donation using their website and shopping cart system and suggesting donations via PayPal, bam, quick as a bunny they made the change to the website! So anyone who would like to make a donation to The Bead Museum may now do so easily. Simply go to, find the Donate button on the left, click on it and follow the PayPal prompts from there.

Thereíll be a more extensive update letter to follow in the next day or two, but in the short term, Iím very encouraged by the response my letter got. There are caring people out in the world who are coming to help. Please know, however, that many more are needed. This is too big a project for only a handful of people. The more ideas and contacts we can generate, the better. The Museum is not out of the woods yet, but I am heartened by the glimmers of light Iím seeing.

Best regards,
Alice Scherer, Founder
Center for the Study of Beadwork
Portland, Oregon

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