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I realize now that I failed to answer rightly your interesting questions:
"What part of the bird are we discussing?"
Well, we are discussing both the "nails" (if that is what they are:-) and the "bones", that is the cylinder beads in between.
As can be seen on the photos and I said before, the cylinders are empty, very light, their very thin and lustrous walls made of what looks like bone.
The pendants are hard and look more like dentine, but not quite, and not at all like ivory. The upper (root?) part is almost translucid, not looking like bone, but more like nails or horn.

And no, I did not confused Samoa and Somalia.
I had many wild pig tusks from Papua etc., and they do not look at all like my necklace's pendants.
Moreover,the thing came to me together with other ornaments from South East Asia and/or Polinesia: I specially remember another necklace made of bat teeth, strung with glass colorless seed beads.
Everything clearly old and worn, the strings so much so that had to be discarded (very much against my habit) if intended for use.
The style of the one we are discussing being so similar to those doned in Samoa and Marquesas Islands by "warrior dancers", it prompted me to use the label "Samoan".

Ps.-Alas, I am aware of not deserving to be labeled a scholar, no. father told me once: "You are a butterfly!".
Well, sometimes laughter is as handy as butter.

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