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01/16/2024, 21:12:29

And feel glad that we share taste.
It is simple -- and really old, a genuine necklace from the the Prehistoric Man (as we figure him from similar relics).
Of course, nothing here from me as a designer, except the restringing: not an easy task, while the holes of the bone cylinder beads are as large as 12 mm, those of the nails are about 2 mm.
It belonged to a famous singer/dancer in Modernist Europe. She was known as Tortola Valencia*, one of those ladies that performed on the stage in exotic attire.She passed away in Barcelona on 13 February 1955, and her partner auctioned most of her things in the late 80s. I got this directly from her,left-overs that perhaps the auction house wouldn't accept for obvious reasons.I guess the beads are from one of those now extinct birds from Samoa and neighboring islands...

*more on the internet

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