Our friend Danny Lopacki has passed away.
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Posted by: Joyce Post Reply
01/06/2024, 20:16:54

Danny was an incredible talent. He was one of our major supporters in the early days of BCN, along with Russ Nobbs, Thomas Stricker, and Art Seymour.

With permission from Thomas, I will share this article:

It is with heavy heart that I make this sad announcement: We lost a dear friend and incredible human being, Danny Lopacki passed away in his sleep shortly after Christmas. He joins his beloved wife, Suzi, in the afterlife! Danny was the most talented lapidary artist I have ever known, his knowledge of rocks and gems was light years beyond anyone. His precision and craftsmanship were tops in the field. He was a friend, a teacher, a great inspiration to many in our circle and he will be sorely missed! Iím still at a loss for the proper words and I apologize for anything I miss here.
I invited those that knew him to share stories here and feel free to post any photos ( even if not bead related)
Iím still at a loss for proper words. Danny rest in peace my dear friend!

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