Help please, turquoise or no turquoise, coloured or real
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Posted by: karavanserai Post Reply
12/08/2023, 07:24:45

Hello, I have been reading throughout BCN on turquoise, yet I miss the experience of handling the real, the faux and the imitations. So here are 3 beads I have questions about:

- the bead on the left has such a vibrant blue, it is too good to be true. The matrix looks genuine (tested with hot needle), but the seller misrepresented quite some other beads on his site. I think it is a coloured stone.

- the bead on top right has no matrix and it looks like 'sculpted'. There are some 'faded' facets. Is it man made resin? The colour is slightly darker and duller in real. There are brownish hues which I would associate with absorption of body oils, yet...

- the bead on the bottom right resembles the one above, but has not those 'faded facets', and has a matrix, that does not fume when entering a hot needle, but it is not rock hard.

I checked the holes of all three, but can't see any different colour.
I used aceton on all three, without any change. I know this is not a guarantee.
So all the help is welcome. Thank you!

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