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11/26/2023, 20:00:22

Resume: I have heard that no experiment fails -- which is of course right, since even when it fails, it turns out to be a precious learning experience. As well as in this case enjoyable !

Now,from my experiment I have learned that:

Better to forget our method for commercial or any other practical purpose, other then offering the outcome to a special friend (perhaps while kneeling). Because too costly. If made of gold, the sheet has to be rather thick, otherwise it breaks under the lathe's stress. If made of a cheaper metal -say silver- in our western hemisphere the labor cost is too high.
As a result my respect for the artistry and skill of Asian metalsmiths has been increased. Just to give a couple of examples: the goldsmiths that keep alive the secret(?) technique of gold-over-lac beads in India deserve it, while Thai prakeuam silver beads are also awesome.

OMG, my tiny beauties will most probably be recycled, hehe!
Enough for today.

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