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See attached an image of the necklace purchased at Srinagar in 1971 as previously mentionned.
Although its configuration has changed several times (i.e.,Venetian millefiore were added for a while to "enliven" it) what you can see here are the 46 agate beads I got then.
There is one curiosity here: the only one specimen of ancient bhaisajya guru guru bead (3 holed) I have met.
Even if I had once rejected with contempt a blank cheque offered by an Arab sheik who saw it in Bombay, minds are mobile qual piuma al vento, and a collector owned it from 1985 to early XXI century-- till he gentlemanly accepted my request of trading these particular beads for another similar strand of suleimani (!). Confiteor.

talisman_1971-2203.jpg (213.9 KB)  

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