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11/05/2023, 03:09:03

Well,these are AAA beads: ancient, in flawless but expected weathered condition and of good size (with 17 mm for the center one's diameter).
My story with banded agate beads is a longlasting one, after falling in love at first sight for a necklace in Srinagar -- and purchasing it --on my first trip to India...53 years ago: those were the days, my friends.
Back in Spain since 1984, a spontaneous small collection went steadly growing.The last-but-not-least specimens are still under my care, of which these are an example.*

Now, this necklace's design is perhaps as understated as is uncommon: after the failure of many candidate-beads (gold, silver, wood, stones...) all of them diverting the attention towards their petty selves, the suleimani are strung here with tiny ringlets made out of a rusty iron wire.
Tibetans (well known for being bhaisajyaguru beads lovers) do regard iron as Heaven-sent, using it for amulets since who knows when. And rust is on many iron surfaces as hummus on the soil, or wrinkles on a wise old woman face!

I am attaching two more pics of the same project, the photos slightly improved.

*See also previous message (2023-06-11).

sulis+Fe_a.jpg (225.0 KB)  sulis+Fe_b.JPG (196.8 KB)  

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