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10/10/2023, 03:35:27

Now in broad daylight, using a magnifying glass I noticed the following

- the “Baule face” beads are less weathered than the eye beads: different production source or just newer beads?

- on some of the eye beads there is a partly lightly shining meridian, nothing like prossers. Is it a gripping tool that left this mark rather than the marks of a mould. See pics.

Present conclusion
- eye beads not Venetian. The white/black on Venetian beads is more intense. If only I could break up the strand (it is not mine) to check the openings more closely.
- “Baule face” beads might be Venetian. The yellow is so so close to the real thing . The holes are 1mm smaller than the eye beads. But do round "Baule face" beads exist?

What do you think?

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