Crumb bead ID?
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Posted by: Rosanna Post Reply
07/22/2021, 11:09:06

I have these two "crumb" beads, and would like the opinions of the bead cognoscenti, please-

I think the one on the left with the black base is probably Indian.

The one with white base - is it Venetian, Czech, Japanese or Chinese? Or another Indian?

The surface inside the hole of the black bead is rough; for the white one, it is smooth.

Both beads are about 13 mm diameter. The black bead has a 3 mm hole; for the white bead it's about 1.5 mm.


RFTwoCrumbRounds1.jpg (43.4 KB)  RFTwoCrumbRounds2.jpg (38.6 KB)  

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