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Posted by: Art Post Reply
05/29/2021, 00:14:11

Hi John, Very interesting bead. It looks to me like the cane , which I doubt was very large, was made in the conventional manner, dip, blow, mold, diip mold, dip, mold, then the red was applied with a separate gather on a pontil flipping back and forth up and down attempting to put a stripe on the top of each white rib. He missed in one case and the red thread went down into the valley, then the mass was heated and dipped into the outer layer of teal. This allowed the teal to make it down into the valleys of the ribbed form and get both under and over the red which was just a thread, some fat some thin which wasn't fully cooked into the form. After the last gather I suspect based on the red decoration a yellow decoration was applied on the outside ot the outer layer in the same manner then cooked in when the whole mass was heated to pulling consistency. The yellow threads weren't too big and most were ground away in the grinding. It is a pretty even elliptical grind which is a bit unusual for the age and the hole has a major shape shift from one end to the other which makes me think it wasn't a very large cane. . If I were going to try to replicate that bead that is the manner in which I would do it. The glass is not fined out very well which is a hallmark of earlier chevrons. I think the guy on the pipe making the cane was experimenting and playing around. Glass blowers are like that, they like to experiment.

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