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05/28/2021, 10:47:07

I have a different perspective.

I would like to see an end view of the cross section, to contemplate the layering.

It appears to be a four-layer cane/bead. The base is translucent teal-blue; the second layer appears to be conventional translucent cobalt blue; The third is conventional opaque white.

But then the uncionventional happens.

The fourth outer layer seems to be composed from teal and red alternating stripe units (that are inconsistent and somewhat broad)—and these have been covered by a thin teal layer. And onto this have been placed some opaque yellow stripes. (I suppose the exterior teal-blue is the same glass as the base.)

This describes the cane.

In making a segment of cane into a bead, a great proportion of the outer layer(s) has been removed. It is the most-intact where the yellow stripes remain.

Although we can see that against the white starry layer the next sequence is red-against-white, alternating with teal-against-white; we can also see the the original cane was entirely teal, OVER the teal and red below it. Since the external teal is continuous with the teal below it (and covers the red), it is best to think of this as a teal layer, that includes internal red stripes.

Viewing the side of the bead (since it is shown in two photos), at the equatorial zone, the external teal glass remains intact to some degree. It is the cutting of the segment, to reveal the chevron pattern that also reveals the red glass, and also has removed most of the thin teal exterior. However, we can see areas where the thin teal exterior still covers the red stripes below.

This is my analysis of a very unusual chevron bead. (I'd still like to see the cross section—and to know if you agree to the internal colors—the first and second layers—as I describe them.)


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