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03/12/2021, 19:03:34

Acetone, which is a typical nail polish remover, is usually a good solvent for dyes of various sorts.

However, a beizen product is artificially colored (using mineral solutions in acid), that is permanent, and not attacked by solvents.

Beizen products are OFTEN referred to as having been "dyed"—though this is incorrect.

The Chinese have a long history of dying minerals—particularly soft stones, and hard stones (and glass) that have been crackled. They seem to have picked-up on beizen methods around 1997—and have produced quite a few since that time.

The fallout is that many materials that are artificially-colored are called "dyed" by people who don't understand the differences—and some of these (or MANY) are beizen.

I have been educating people about this since 1978. But change is slow.

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