Identification of Beads
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Posted by: Simon93 Post Reply
03/07/2021, 06:58:10

Hello everyone and thank you very much for being accepted to the forum.

Sometime ago, I bought some supposedly ancient beads on Ebay to be a part of a bracelet I was making. More recently I was reading around the web how interesting, old and rich the world of beads can be and felt curious to know more.

To satisfy a bit my curiosity I was hoping maybe someone more experienced could give me some hints as to how old, which style and perhaps if they can be associated with a general region.

In my addmitedly ignorant opinion, the smaller dark one looks more shiny and new than the rest. I can add more detailed photos if anyone is interested in helping.

Kind regards and all the best,


beads1_-_Copy.jpg (213.6 KB)  s-l1600-min_-_Copy.jpg (238.1 KB)  

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