The Lockdown opportunity for a big research project
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01/23/2021, 06:56:44

Dear bead enthusiasts
At last ready to explain my project of the last year. It may be of benefit to researchers collectors and hobbyists.

Whenever a new publication about beads, bead research, bead craft instructions, discussions about bead treasures or enigmas, auctions or suppliers catalogues come out, some more of what we thought we knew is already out of date, because science and the internet constantly add more discoveries and definitions, and we also get to see some of the wild fantasy descriptions suggested by vendors on internet pages!
So over the months of lockdown i have kept an expanding alphabetical list each time new terms applied to beads appear, whether i understand them fully or cannot believe them...
This list is a vocabulary, not a glossary as such, and my idea for its main use is showing .all possible bead terms spelled correctly which can then be searched online in relation to beads

if this is of interest let me know and i can explain and share more. its too complicated for one general BCN message.

xxx Stefany

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