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01/04/2021, 05:23:54

Dear friends

Since this pandemy I was worried for you, because I saw in media that many people don't wear mask,so I was sure it would be bad situation in USA. In Iran was bad also, but by traditional medical sistem many people protect themselves against this virus.a very simple way that works very good is to take a capsule or tablet of ginger every night after dinner. We fill empty capsule by powder of ginger. You may find using tablet instead. It can prevent people getting this virus very good. Plus vitamins, mask, social distance. An Iranian doctor in India was telling some days ago that they treated 380 people in hospital just by Steam of hot water , inhale from nose and mouth 10 times and doing it twice a day. In Iran we add essence of mint or eucalyptus .
By the way herbs in this pandemic helps very good.

Wish you all a blessed year with health and prosperity
Best regards


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